Welcome to Roswell Heaven. This board is dedicated to all things Roswell including fanfiction, discussion threads, art, etc. We invite you to join our little family and all we ask is that you treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.

We try not to bog everyone down with a bunch of rules, but some people think it is okay to do anything that is not specifically mentioned. For example, just because we didn't say that you are not allowed to cheat in contests, you know that is not an appropriate thing to do. In other words, stop looking for ways to get around the rules - use your common sense, be courteous and respectful, and think before you post.

Unfortunately the below rules have been put into place for specific reasons.

The board has a zero tolerance policy. If you are found guilty of breaking rules you will earn a strike or be banned without hesitation. Membership on this board is a privilege, not a right, and we expect you ALL to act accordingly.

That is our #1 rule.

It doesn't matter if you don't like someone, or what you think of them personally, we expect everyone to treat everyone with kindness and respect.

You may be angry with other members, mods or admins on the board, or upset about your husband/girlfriend/mother/friend, your day, or the world in general, but don't take it out on others. Ultimately you are responsible for your actions. No one is forcing you to do anything.

Don't belittle, tease, mock, make fun of, joke about, trash, slam, or in any other way disrespect any member of the board.

If you can't do that, then just leave the chat, the thread or the board.

We will not tolerate arguing between members or mods. That includes in the chat room and postings on the threads.

Don't say nasty things to others, don't retaliate for something you think someone did, and don't make accusations.

We know not everyone will get along, but we expect everyone to act like adults. If an argument starts, be an adult and walk away. If you are wrong, or have accidentally upset someone, apologize. A simple 'I'm sorry' can go a long way to mend hurt feelings.

If you have a problem with someone, handle it privately. Or if it is something the admins should know about, PM, IM or email us.

Threats in any way, shape or form, will not be tolerated.

This includes threats of physical harm, retaliation, intimidation, emotional blackmail, or any other types.

Don't engage in these behaviors or you will be banned and reported to Yuku legal.
All instances of these behaviors should be reported to the admins immediately.
This will not be tolerated on Roswell Heaven.

Roswell Heaven has visitors that are under 18 and we would like to make our board as safe and sex free as possible for those members, and all members who do not want to view adult material.

We have special locked forums that are clearly marked for 18 and over members where we post adult topics. You may request access to locked forums if you are over 18. Obviously, we have no way to check you age when you request access, and we take no responsibility for under 18 children who lie about their age to knowingly view adult material.

So please post all ADULT rated stories in the appropriate 18-and-over forums. We also have over 18 forums to discuss sexual or erotic topics and writing. But this does not give you a licence to use sexual talk as a weapon or to harass anyone.

In public or private forums you are expected to be respectful. Do not talk about sex or sexual acts (unless it is in the appropriate discussion or erotic writing forums), do not solicit sex, or be disrespectful of anyone in a sexual way. This includes calling sexual names, sexual harassment, making fun of anyone's sexual orientation, threats, or any unwanted sexual advances.
If someone says they are uncomfortable with the topic or asks you to stop, DO IT!

Don't engage in these behaviors or you will be banned and reported to Yuku legal.
All instances of these behaviors should be reported to the admins immediately.
This will not be tolerated on Roswell Heaven.


I know we are all frustrated with the adult content being locked up on the board. It is a huge pain. But we are not doing it by choice. 

Yuku has required that we lock up all adult content - and they sometimes come to our board and lock forums and never tell us. So that is why you may be able to get in a forum one day and not the next.

Believe me it is frustrating for the admins as well. We ask that you be patient, and the admins will give you access to the forums as you ask for it.

But please, you only need to request access on ONE forum. When we see a request we give you access to all forums. You don't have to make a request for each one.

Every request we get sends each admin a message, so some days we have a dozen messages just requesting access. We do our best to give you access within 24 hours, and usually it is much less than that.

So please help us out by not sending a bunch of requests for access. I promise you will get access to all the forums as soon as we can get to it.

From time-to-time in the Roswell fandom, controversial topics will arise in fanfiction, fanart or discussions, and there is nothing wrong with that. Fans, writers and artists use different 'sensitive' subjects to produce effects in their work, make readers think or react, or start a dialogue.

Sometimes it is hard to determine the line between art/entertainment and exploitation/offensiveness, and you will never please everyone. A topic that is completely okay to one person will be shocking to someone else.

So here is our policy -

If your topic in a fanfic or a discussion strays into an adult rating, please post it in an 18 and over fanfic or discussion forum so those reading will be warned.

Also we ask that anyone writing a fanfic (no matter what rating) that contains what might be 'sensitive' subject matter, to mention it in a note on the first page of the fic, and on the part of the story where the material is presented.
 Topics can include but are not limited to a UC relationship in a CC story, character death, rape, physical/mental/sexual abuse, stereotypes, racial/sexual derogatory comments, stalking, extreme violence, torture, suicide, destructive behavior, etc. Let your readers know what they are getting themselves into.

For example - This fic will discuss rape and the aftermath

***However, we do not allow stories that include incest (sexual relationships between parents and children or between siblings), or stories that include relationships between adults and children. Please don't post them. You are allowed to write stories that show survivors of these behaviors, but not the acts themselves.

And if you as a reader come across something that offends or bothers you, skip it, or stop reading. You are not the fanfiction police and we don't engage in censorship. Writers and artists should be free to explore what some may consider 'controversial' topics in their work. There is no need to write long public letters or feedback about how it offends you or why you don't want to read things like that.

We all have different life experiences and opinions, and all of us are never going to agree on what is appropriate or acceptable.
 TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF. If you don't like a topic in a story, or it makes you uncomfortable - DON'T READ IT!

Of course you may occasionally find something on the board that has no entertainment value, and is just to offend others, like racial/sexual slurs in signatures or posts, offensive photos, adult material on the main board, etc. If you do find something like that, please bring it to the attention of the Admins.

We want to make Roswell Heaven a safe and entertaining place for EVERYONE, posters and readers alike.

Just so it is clear, we have zero tolerance for spam. If you post spam you will be banned and reported to the Yuku legal department. NO SECOND CHANCES.

Posting spam, unwanted advertising, or 'opportunities' is like trying to sell merchandise where soliciting is prohibited. Be respectful and don't do it. Spam is not allowed on Yuku, and spammers are universally banned.

You may advertise your legitimate site or cause, but they should all be posted in the Among Us forum. They may also be put in your signature.

If you are unsure what spam is, or if you see spam on the board, please PM RoswellOracle

You are welcome to advertise your legitimate website or cause on Roswell Heaven, but it should be in the appropriate places.

What is a ligitimate site or cause?
- Roswell fan sites
- Other book, movie, tv show fan sites
- Charities, petitions, fan gatherings, etc
- other topics that are approved by the Roswell Heaven admins (that means you have to ask the admins before posting)

What is not a ligitimate site or cause?
- links to any site that offer 'opportunities', advertising, merchandise for sale (unless approved by RH admins)
- pornography of any kind
- spam of any kind
- asking for nominations or votes

This is not an exhaustive list, but you should be able to get the idea.

Where is the appropriate place to post?
RH has an entire forum, Among Us, where you can make threads to promote your legitimate website or cause. You may advertise as many sites or causes as you want, and update them as often as you want. (Please only make 1 thread per site or cause.)

Also you may post your legitimate site or cause in your signature, but please limit it to one siggie and link for each place. You don't need 40 links for the same thing. If you have been nominated for an award, you may post 1 nomination banner in your signature.

What is not an appropriate place to post?
Do not post in other forums to advertise websites, or causes, or to ask for nominations or votes. Posts in other forums should contain content that pertains to that forum - fanfic in fanfic forums, games in games forums, etc.

The RH admins may add user warnings to posts as necessary, move posts to appropriate forums, or remove any posts we feel are in conflict with Roswell Heaven policy.
If you have any questions or are unsure about your site or cause, contact RoswellOracle.

There is no limit on siggies, but what we do ask is that if you have more than one, don't make all of them links to the same board or site. One link to a board/site is enough.

Siggies will not show up when you post in certain forums, like the fanfic forums. This is to save space and bandwidth on the board.

No artwork on the board should exceed the size of 550 pixels wide, and 500 pixels high. Art bigger than this distorts the board.
If you have posted an image that is larger than that, it will automatically be scaled down to meet those dimensions.

If a member continually posts large artwork, they will be given a warning, and if it continues, a strike. If you need help on making correct sized artwork, or editing existing artwork, please ask.

Hotlinking is a little confusing, but it is important to understand. It is when you post an image or video on a website, when that image or video is hosted on someone else's website/board/photo account.

This is not an issue about who owns the image or video, it is about using their resources to post an image on your site.
If you have a image posted on a website, and you are not hosting the image in an image account like Photobucket, you are hotlinking. If you right click on an image on another site, and paste it in a window at Roswell Heaven, you are hotlinking.

Hotlinking uses the other site owner's bandwitdth, that they pay for, to show the image you posted. So it is like running an electrical cord to your neighbor's house to get power for your appliances. You are stealing their resources. Do not do it. It is ILLEGAL You can be prosecuted.

To avoid hotlinking, host images on your own image account, like Photobucket, before posting them. If you don't know how to host images, see an explanation here - Image Hosting. Or you can also put a link to the website where the image or video comes from, like you would send someone a link to a YouTube video.

If we discover someone Hotlinking, the image(s) will be taken down, and you will be given a strike or worse. You are putting Roswell Heaven at risk if you are hotlinking on the site.

If you are still unsure what hotlinking is, contact RoswellOracle.

We have a strict no plagiarism policy.

DO NOT use other people's work in any form and try to pass it off as your own. This includes using excerpts, plot or quotes from television, books, movies, song lyrics, poetry, or any other media.
It is ILLEGAL You can be prosecuted.

In your writing, you may use limited quotes, lyrics, poetry, etc in your stories, but it should all be credited.

Generally it is acceptable for fanartists to borrow photos, artwork, borders, textures, etc, to create a new piece of art. Just don't take someone else's whole creation and claim it as your own. And don't use part or whole art from another member of the board or another member of the Roswell community, unless you gain permission first.

How would you feel if you discovered someone using your work and claiming they created it?

These rules apply to all chats - Author chats, open chats & the shout box.
Anyone engaging in those behaviors should be reported to the admins and we will take steps to suspend or remove their chat privileges.

- remember that everyone can see what you post in the shout box
Don't post anything derogatory, sexual, offensive or hurtful to others. What you may think is a joke between friends could be taken a different way by someone else. Just think twice about what you are posting.

- all members attending a chat or posting in the shout box have the responsibility to be polite and courteous to all other members.
Not everyone will agree on every subject, and everyone has the right to their own opinion.
No one has the right to ridicule, belittle, harass or bully another member - for any reason.

- greet everyone who comes into the chat room, and include them in the conversations.
We shouldn't even have to say this.

The chats are for everyone, and everyone should feel comfortable attending the chats. They shouldn't have to worry that no one will talk to them. We don't need to traumatize anyone with bad high school flashbacks.

If you want to have private conversations, make a private chat room, or go to Yahoo, MSN, etc. Never tell anyone that they are not welcome to participate (even as a joke). Anyone engaging in this behavior will be given a warning, a strike, or banned from the chat.

- do not ask people to nominate, vote for, or leave feedback for your stories (even as a joke).
It is inappropriate to use the chat room or shout box for these purposes. Promote your stories in your siggie and on your author page ONLY.

In the chat, you may talk about your writing, you may try to get people interested in reading your stories, you may ask advice from people about your writing. But please be considerate of others and allow them equal time to talk about their writing too.

- sexual topics and harassment
The shoutbox is available for everyone to read, including children, and we would like to keep the sexual content locked up for their sake.

In the Chat Room, do not talk about sex or sexual topics if there are members in the chat room who may be under 18, or who may not want to discuss sexual topics. If you don't know if everyone in the chat room is okay with discussing sexual topics, make a private conversation for your discussion or take it off the board. If someone says they are uncomfortable with the topic or asks you to stop, DO IT!


Breaking any of the above rules can earn you a warning or a strike.
Each strike you receive will get you a 1 week suspension from the board.

If you get 3 strikes for the same offence, you will be banned from the board.
- OR -
If you get 6 strikes total, for different offences, you will be banned from the board.
- OR -
In extreme cases, you could be banned on the spot

We don't want to ban anyone. But we can't allow these types of behaviors on the board. We hope no one gets any strikes, and we will all work toward making Roswell Heaven a sanctuary of fun and friendship like it was meant to be.

The board staff is here to make sure the board is running smoothly, make sure everyone is behaving as they should, and to solve problems when necessary. If you are having any problems, please contact a mod or admin and we will be glad to help.

Sometimes you may not agree with the board staff or our rules, but we do require that you play by the rules while you are visiting the board and treat the staff with respect. We are not here to be abused, mocked or harassed, and doing so can earn you a strike or worse.
So, if an admin, board mod, or mod asks you to do something, do it. (Within reason, of course.)
If you don't want to play by the rules, you are welcome to go somewhere else.

In case you are not aware, Roswell Heaven has a definite chain of command, although all positions may not be filled all the time.

- Lissa is the board owner.

- Admins are the Second in Command and have all the powers of the owner, including issuing strikes and banning members.

- Mega Moderators are the Manager mods with special powers. They help the admins keep an eye on everything and make sure the board is running smoothly.

- Board Moderators are the Assistant Manager mods with special powers that help the admins keep things under control. Each board mod is assigned a section of the board to keep an eye on.

- Fanfic & Forum Moderators are Supervisors under the Board Mods. Mods are each assigned forums to keep an eye on and report to the board mods and admins.

So that is the list of rules. Just remember that membership on this board is a privilege, not a right, and we expect you ALL to act accordingly.
If anyone has experienced or witnessed inappropriate behavior on the board or in the chat room, please inform the admins immediately by PM, IM or email.

If you don't understand a rule or have any questions, please contact an admin.
Thank You
The Roswell Heaven Admins
Lissa, Janetfl, RoswellOracle


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