If you are having problems with the chat room there are a few things you can do. If one number doesn't work, move down to the next one.

1. Sign out of the chat room & back in
2. Sign out of Yuku & sign back in
3. Delete all cookies and temporary internet files from your browser
    (in your IE browser go to tools, internet options)
4. Change the settings on the popup blocker in your browser to allow popups from this site
5. Close your browser completely, and open a new one
6. Restart your computer, then sign back in
7. Download the latest version of Java - here
8. Clear out your Flash storage settings - here
It is an official Flash website, so don't worry it will infect your computer.  Just press 'delete all websites' to clear out your Flash storage.
9. Update your browser.
10. If you are using Internet Explorer 8, make sure your browser has 'Compatibility View' switched on (go under Tools on your tool bar and choose Compatibility View)
11. Change to a different browser - ie Firefox

Still having problems?
Submit a help ticket with Yuku - http://helpdesk.yuku.com/..._m=tickets&_a=submit

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