These are the rules that we have at Roswell Heaven for authors who wants to post in the fanfiction forum.
There are just a couple, so please read them before you post your fic.

1. Fanfiction categories.
First you need to choose which category your story best fits in, so you know where to post your story.  We seperate Roswell Fanfiction into several categories:

- Conventional
- Unconventional
- Alternate Universe/Crossovers
- Adult

If you don't know what the categories mean, or where your story fits, there are explanations below.

Conventional fanfiction - Commonly abbreviated to CC.
This forum is for all fics that focus on any individual conventional couple (CC) or multiple conventional couple stories, that mostly follow the rules and circumstances from the "Roswell canon", or the story as it aired on TV.

Of course you may pick up the story at any point and go your own direction, just so it mainly starts out from the show.

Conventional couples are Max & Liz, Michael & Maria, Alex & Isabel, Kyle & Tess, and Jesse & Isabel. 

Other fics that should go in CC are: 
- past life stories (that are not UC)
- non couple stories
- POV (point of view) stories that are told from one character's POV
- backstory or prequel fics from before Roswell started (like stories about Max and Liz in 1st grade)

Alternate Universe/Crossover fanfiction - Commonly abbreviated to AU and XO.
This forum is for fics with any conventional couple(s), with or without aliens, that does not follow the show's story line, or significantly alters it, or is a Crossover with another show, book, movie, etc.  

Crossovers may have conventional couples or unconventional couples, from a Roswell viewpoint (for example - CC is M/L in a Buffy xover, UC is Liz/Angel in a Buffy xover).  Just be sure to state if the fic is UC in your fic title.

Unconventional fanfiction - Commonly abbreviated to UC.
This forum is for fanfiction that focuses on any male/female couples that are NOT conventional, (e.g. M/T, Mi/L, Z/L, Mi/I, Mx/Ma, K/I, etc).  The stories can follow canon or be AU, with or without aliens.

Adult CC, AU/XO, UC and Slash FanFiction
At Roswell Heaven we lock up adult fics, so younger readers aren't exposed to inappropiate material. There is absolutely nothing wrong with writing these types of fics, we just want to keep them away from children. We have two forums for adult fics, 'CC & AU/XO Adult' and 'UC & Slash Adult'. 

Fics that belong in these forums have heavy adult themes, for example:
- violence, rape, etc
- fics that have a sexual scene in it, and it doesn't just fade to black
- fics that are just smut
- fics that involve slash (same sex relationships, either male or female),
- fics that involve threesomes (or more). 

Any fic we believe should be in the adult forums will be moved there.

To gain access to these forums, you must PM an admin. If you ask for access to an adult forum, we are trusting that you are 18. Obviously we have no way to check your age, and we take no responsibility for under 18 children who lie about their age to knowingly view adult material.

If you are not sure if your fic belongs in an adult forum, PM one of the Adminis and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

2. Fanfiction Title bar Format  
Once you have choosen a category, you can start posting.  The next step is to create a thread or topic title with required elements to make it easy for readers to see at a glance what your fic is about. You will enter this info in the Title bar above the posting window.

These are the characteristics the title of your fic must include...
Title, Genre, Couple(s), Rating, Pt/Ch, Date of the update.
For example -
The Royal Four (CC, AU, M/L) Mature, Part 7 3/8

Here it is broken out so you can see more clearly:
Title - The Royal Four
Genre - CC, AU
Couple - M/L (the couple and genre are often put in (), but it is not required)
Rating - Mature
Pt/Ch - Part 7
Date of update - 3/8

There is a limited amount of space in the title bar, so use abbreviations as much as possible to save space.  For example you can use M/L instead of Max/Liz, or UC instead of Unconventional, etc. The only exception is NEVER abbreviate the rating  This is for legal purposes.

For a list of standard abbreviations, click here

***NOTE*** If you don't follow these directions for the thread title it will be edited by a moderator.


3. Story Header on the First page of your Fanfiction 

The story header on the first page of your story will mostly include the same info that was in the title, but here you can expand it, or add to it to explain things more fully, or include stuff that wouldn't fit in the title bar. It must go at the TOP of the first page of your story so it can be plainly seen, and readers can see what they are getting into.

You may list the info in any order, but you'll probably want to put the title and author at the top.



Type out the standard "you don't own the rights or anything about Roswell" and any other books, movies, songs, etc, that inspired you to write the fan fiction.

Pairing(s)/Couple(s): REQUIRED
Include the couple(s) your fic focuses on (M/L, M/M, A/I, Z/L, Mx/Mi, etc.)
Include as may couples CC or UC as you want to reveal.
If you want to keep your pairing(s) secret you may, just use CC or UC for the pairing especially if you are including a UC couple in a mostly CC story.
If your story has no pairings, list it under CC, which is also used for non-couple stories.

Category: REQUIRED 
List the category(ies) the story belongs in (CC, UC, AU with or without aliens, Xover, slash, POV, past life, prequel, etc). Your story may belong in several categories, and you can use as many as you like.
If your story has no pairings, list it under CC, which is also used for non-couple stories.

CHILD, YTEEN, TEEN, MATURE, ADULT (explained in depth below)

The rating must be included on the first page of the fic. This is very important if the fic is going to go into MATURE or ADULT territory.

This can be a teaser to what's going to happen in your story, you don't have to give away your plot. Use the summary to hook readers, or to set up when and what is happening so your readers aren't confused.

Example - The story takes place after the episode End of the World.  Max thinks Liz slept with Kyle, but he is determined to get her back anyway.

Author's Notes: (Not Required)
Any additional information the author wants to add, including thank yous, credits, dedications, notices of updates, etc.

We do ask that anyone writing a fanfic (no matter what rating) that contains what might be 'sensitive' subject matter, to mention it in a note on the first page of the fic, and on the part of the story where the material is presented.
 Topics can include but are not limited to a UC relationship in a CC story, character death, rape, physical/mental/sexual abuse, stereotypes, racial/sexual derogatory comments, stalking, extreme violence, torture, suicide, destructive behavior, etc.  Let your readers know what they are getting themselves into.

For example - This fic will discuss rape and the aftermath

However, we do not allow stories that include incest (sexual relationships between parents and children or between siblings), or stories that include relationships between adults and children.  Please don't post them.  You are allowed to write stories that show survivors of these behaviors, but not the acts themselves.

***NOTE*** If you don't follow these directions for the header it will be edited by a moderator.


Please DO NOT abbreviate the ratings.  Use the entire word - Child, YTeen, Teen, Mature, or Adult.  This is for legal reasons, so we can't be accused of 'borrowing' someone else's copyrighted rating system.

CHILD: Suitable for all readers. No sex, violence or offensive material.

YTEEN: May not be suitable for younger readers. Generally very tame in terms of violence and language.

TEEN: Generally recommended for teenagers or older. May contain moderate violence and some stronger language, but not too graphic. Sexual themes may be implied, but are not explicit.

MATURE:Suitable for mature readers. Contains some adult content. The fiction may contain strong language, heavy violence, or some heavier sexual content, but nothing explicit.

ADULT: Absolutely for adults only. Likely contains extreme violence, strong language and/or explicit sexual content. 

And now you can post all that Roswell fanfiction!
Please feel free to ask about anything you don't understand, or if you have additional questions.
We are glad to help!

The Administrators
Lissa, Janetfl, RoswellOracle



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