RH Celestial Awards Rules 
The RH Celestial Awards 2017 Nominations are COMING SOON! 
We are really excited and we know everyone will have a lot of fun. 

In the Celestial awards, we focus on active fics being posted on the board in the last couple of years, so we reward the people who are still writing instead of giving awards to past fics. (
Although we will have one award for Favorite Vintage fic for past fics.

Sure there are many great past fics, but there are also great fics being written today!! 
Let's show the authors who are still hanging in there that we appreciate their work!!


Be sure to read all the rules before making nominations. 

AND PLEASE  - Don't just nominate your friends' fics, or fics you know are popular, or the same fics as someone above did. Nominate fics that you think really deserve the award. 
If you are really excited about a fic, leave a short reason of why you love it, or why you think it deserves to be nominated.
I know the authors would appreciate it.

Nominations - 

Who can nominate? 
Nominations are open to all members. There are no membership length or post number requirements. Simply sign up as a member. No 'Guest' or Anonymous nominations are allowed. 

Which fics can be nominated? 
If a fic is posted in one of the five forums under the UFO Center heading, it is eligible to be nominated. There are no requirements on the number of parts posted. 

These are active fics currently being posted on the board, and are in the following forums:
Conventional Fanfiction
Alternate Universe & Crossover Fanfiction
CC, AU & Xover Adult Fanfiction
Unconventional Fanfiction
UC Adult & Slash Fanfiction 

As seen in the below pic - 
If you still have questions about which fics you can nominate, ask. We don't bite.

Which fics cannot be nominated?  
If a fic in not is one of those 5 forums listed above, it is NOT eligible to be nominated, except for the Vintage fanfic award.

How many you can nominate per award? 
Up to four nominations are allowed per person, per category. {in memory of the Royal Four}. Four are not required, you may nominate fewer. 

Where do you post nominations? 
Post your nominations in the nominations thread in this forum, or PM your nominations to Janetfl, or RoswellOracle.

No-nos - 
1. Self promotion or friend promoting will not be tolerated for nominations or votes, in chats or around the board. Don't advertise for nominations or votes, and don't ask your friends to do it. Nominations that aren't real don't mean anything. 

You may use the nominee banners if you are nominated for any category. 

2. No bashing of nominees will be tolerated. If you don't agree with someone's opinion, leave it out. 

3. Absolutely no cheating will be tolerated. 

4. Just so there is no confusion - NO self nominating - and NO just putting DITTO.

Misc. - 
1. Nominations will run for a month, and voting will be in two or three parts (depending on size) for 1 week each.

2. All members may vote.

3. We will list the winner, 1st and 2nd runner-up in each category.

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please contact RoswellOracle.

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